B. Martin Wastewater Services specializes in Septic Tank Pumping in Delaware & Chester Counties. According the EPA and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Quality, a septic tank should be pumped once it reaches about 25% solids. For most households this equates to about every 2-3 years.

Since the septic tank acts as your first line of defense by accumulating solid material and preventing it from clogging up your drain field, it is extremely important that those materials are removed on a routine basis to ensure they do not make it down stream. Most of the time there are no signs that you have let your tank go too long between pumping until it is too late.

Most new systems now days have a physical filter in place to prevent this passing of solids to the drain field from happening. 95% of systems that are currently in use do not have this filter and is why it is so important to make sure that the tank’s solids are removed.

Homeowner Associations

We offer discounts to all of the homeowners that are part of your association who come together to have what we call The BIG Pump! We can help you organize your fellow neighbors by providing flyers advertising the day or days of The BIG Pump along with your phone number or ours to schedule it, then the more people who schedule, the lower the price per home. Call today for more details!!!